395.000,00 đ

290.000,00 đ

395.000,00 đ

Đầu ra: USB Đầu ra: 5 V / 1A

Đầu vào: 5 V / 2A Cổng USB: 1

Màu: đen, trắng

Tương thích: Iphone X, IPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung SNOTE /NOTE EDGE, S6 / S6 EDGE / EDGE + / S6 LƯU Ý / S6 DUOS S7 / S8 / LƯU Ý 8 / S8 +

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Remax RP - W1 wireless charging dock with modern, stylish design, quick sensor gives you an enjoyable experience during charging.

Remax RP - W1 - Opens a new era of QI wireless charger

Wireless - Unlimited

Wireless charging dock Remax RP - W1 has a compact size with a diameter of 100mm and a thickness of only 9.5mm, making it easy to carry around with you, available at all times.

The unique design of general wireless chargers and wireless charging dock Remax RP - W1 in particular, is convenient and comfortable to use. Instead of taking a little more time to process the charger cord for your phone, you just need to put it on the charging dock for less than 1 second, your phone will be connected to the charger immediately.

Remax RP - W1 wireless charging dock connected to the power source to operate with a micro usb charging port, via an attached cable. Charge from Remax RC - 095m with convenient magnet suction plug. Remax RP - W1 is designed in a simple round shape, with two colors, black and white, creating elegance but no less luxurious.

High quality material
Made of durable high quality ABS plastic material, anti-cracking, explosion-proof; soft silicon anti-slip material, helps the phone not scratched back; Combined with high-end PC plastic material that encapsulates the outer border, creating accents, increasing the elegance, modernity and elegance of the wireless charging dock Remax RP - W1.

Sensitive sensor


For all types of wireless chargers, the charging surface and charging device must be in contact with each other. This means that once you put the phone out of the charging surface, the charging process will be interrupted immediately.Catching that situation, Remax turned the impossible into possible wireless charging dock Remax RP - W1. Possessing a sensitive sensor feature, you can quickly connect the charger to the phone with a maximum distance of 10mm even without removing the phone cover, except for those made from metal material.


Remax RP - W1 is compatible with models from Samsung for Note 5 and above, Nokia for Lumia 1520 and above, iPhone 8 and above, HTC for 8x and above and Huawei for W3.



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