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Currently on the market there are many brands of camera production such as Globe Crossing, Dahua, Hikvision, Sony, Questek, Vantech ....BINH DINH SHOP today will introduce to your camera Hikvision and Hikvision camera are good?


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HIKVISION, the leading brand of CCTV in the world and the third in security system. Hikvision camera originated from China was established in 2001, however in the process of operation, expanding research on technology HIKVISON camera has 12 large branches in the United States, Holland, England and Italy. , Singapore, France, Hong Kong, Korea, South Africa, Dubai ....

Hikvision camera products are researched and developed by more than 9,000 engineers, and are manufactured with closed technology from design - production to ensure creativity and new technology. All products are tested in diverse environments worldwide. The company's products are of high quality and meet international standards: ISO, CE, CCC, UL, FCC, RoHS ... These products have been used in more than 100 countries.



Some of Hikvision's cameras:

Hikvision camera Analog line.

Hikvision Camera IP line.

Hikvision Camera Smart Line line

Camera Smart Line Hikvision

The outstanding features of Hikvision camera:

Face recognition ability

Anti-light feature

Phone alarm feature with network connection Good observation in fog

Increase image quality in some desired areas

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Through Hikvision's brand information and outstanding features, you must have found your answer on the evaluation of Hikvision camera. Although Hikvision has penetrated the Vietnamese market for a long time, until now, the technology and quality of products are a reliable choice for Vietnamese consumers.

Of course, the biggest concern that customers are interested in when choosing CCTV is the quality and price. About these two criteria, Hikvision camera is evaluated as follows:

Quality: the product is 100% manufactured in the company for extremely stable quality.

Price: Camera HIKVISION produces many categories with many different prices competing with any brand.

Warranty: HIKVISION camera products are genuine 2 years warranty, infrared leds for 5 years.

If you are in need of CCTV, Hikvision Camera is a choice not to be missed.

Wish you can choose the most suitable product.