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BINH DINH SHOP is one of the genuine, high quality Dahua camera distributors in Vietnam, has been supported by many agents and customers in provinces across the country ...

Dahua has long been a well-known camera brand in the world, but Dahua has only officially entered the Vietnamese market in the last few years and has gained a reputation and become a strong brand in country.

In order to expand our business, BINH DINH SHOP is in need of cooperation with individuals or organizations who want to become genuine Dahua camera distributors with discounts and best support policies.

The product lines of Dahua brand that are distributed by BINH DINH SHOP include:

- HDCVI Dahua camera

- HDCVI Dahua video recorder

- Dahua IP surveillance camera

- Dahua IP recorder

- Camera quan sát Analog Dahua

- Analog Dahua recorder

BINH DINH SHOP is committed to providing genuine Dahua cameras only. All are genuine products, we are committed to not selling counterfeit, counterfeit and substandard goods.

Policy for camera distribution agents

- Wholesale price camera quote for Agents with the best discount on the market

- Always share and update product information for Agents and timely support arising issues

- Fair and reasonable support policy for Agents throughout the distribution channel

- Market segmentation clearly avoids competition between Agents

- Policy to change the return: allowed to change the goods within 7 days from the date of invoice, the agent is returned 100% new products if there are errors of the manufacturer. In case, if you want to change from one product to another, the goods must have the same stamp, shipping fee will be borne by the Agent.

- Fully enjoy special promotions, discount programs, discounts for agents

SHOP BINH DINH develops wholesale pricing policies for Dahua camera distribution agents on the basis of ensuring maximum competitiveness and profitability for both parties. If the price list changes, it will be notified 30 days in advance.

Support policy for Dahua camera distribution agents Benefits when acting as a camera distribution agent in BINHDINH SHOP

- Camera distribution agency is supported to answer customer feedback about products via phone.

- Support to update information, product prices, marketing programs, sales promotion materials, increase profits

- Camera distribution agents are allowed to participate in periodic training courses on products, technology and sales knowledge organized by the company. Individual training assistance will be provided if required.



Head office: Km51, Quoc Lo 32, Dong Quang Commune, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

Support:0982.56.5678 - 0981.425.086 - 0981.725.086

Email :

Importer and distributor of the number 1 dahua camera in Vietnam!